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Welcome to the official website of the Michigan Alliance Group. We would empower you with cutting edge holistic self development strategies.  MAG was founded by James Mclennan in 2017 to help impact thousands of people and enable them have a better self control and to produce more results in their lives.

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There is no conceivable barrier to prevent any individual entity from expanding into enlightenment. Simply remain conscious. Awaken yourself to realize your misconception of life and why you won’t stop your bad habits. Being enlightened is not a special state of mind; it is your mind's and heart's freedom from all clinging which gives rise to an awareness of all your experiences without a notion of identity separate from the world around you. This happens little by little and there are as many ways to gauge your progress as there are entities on that path



If you're not happy with yourself physically, spiritually, financially or emotionally, then a personal transformation is in store. However, you must know that a transformation of any kind starts on the inside. It is entirely possible for you to feel confidence, recognize your inherent worth, and develop a responsibility to nurture that worth in others. This is done by opening yourself up to the hidden gems inside you, and using your strengths to reach your goals.



Whether it's an insecure relationship, a chaotic work environment, or it's just your family driving you absolutely crazy, we all have those moments when we feel emotionally out of control and all over the place. However, even when we feel like our emotions aren't our own, we have to remember that we still have the wheel; our minds feel what we decide they feel. With a little mindfulness and a bit of practice, being emotionally stable is achievable in any situation. Emotional stability starts from you, you need to learn to control the way you feel and not let people control it for you.


When this was first mentioned to me I was skeptical as to its effectiveness. However, from the first session with Dr Larry Lincoln, I began to look at personal interactions and conflicts differently. I could make sense of people's behavior as never before. As soon as I stopped holding people to my logic it became easier to work with them and to resolve issues. It has really changed the way I think and react in my everyday life.”Richard, Texas-USA.

Just a quick note to say hi and again thanks for all those sessions. All my legal issues have been resolved and I see my son unsupervised. My work is flourishing, my health is really good and I am emotionally stabilized at a good point. You have truly been a great help in my life.” Sofefe, Cape Town-South Africa.

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Our It is our goal to impact millions of lives across the world. Read our testimonials page. Feel free to let your heart donate to enable us continue our work. You do not need to donate to become a member of our foundation. 


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